Monday, August 29, 2011

#96 Mona Lisa (1986)

This was the first movie on the list that I had never heard of or knew anything about. Bob Hoskins has such a sharp accent I actually had to turn on the subtitles.
Me "What's that fool sayin'?"
Biko "Hellifyno."
Anyway, Mona Lisa has to great performances, one by Hoskins and the other by Michael Caine. It also has lots of hookers. Lots and lots of hookers. In fact, I think every female, speaking role is a hooker except for Hoskin's daughter and ex-wife. His ex-wife comes close.

Favorite Quote: You can't find plastic spaghetti just anywhere.
Favorite Scene: Michale Caine discusses being "happy"
Trivia: Director, Neil Jordan, used real prostitutes in the film.
Awards: Bob Hoskins nominated for Best Actor
Would Jessica Like This Movie? The accents would annoy her.
Next Movie: The Last Temptation Of Christ

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