Rome, Jess and Biko

Three movie lovers under one roof. Hopefully you can relate to at least one of us and check out a movie or avoid one as the case may be. I host a morning show at a radio station here in Modesto, Ca. I do lots of movie trivia on the air and have a lot of fun doing it. My philosophy, if you can call it that, on movie watching is simple...
I don't need it to change my life, inspire me to great heights or move me to tears. I just need to enjoy it. If one of those things happens to occur, well, fantastic but it isn't necessary. Also, I don't like to ramble on and on just to show off my extensive vocabulary, I could never take myself that seriously. I watch movies because I like watching movies and I blog about it because I enjoy blogging. Simple.

Jessica, at this writing, is my fiance. By this weekend however, she will be my wife. Not only is she much MUCH to young for me but I am also much to old for her. When it comes to movies we find only a few that we both really enjoy so I like to add her comments as well. That is, until she finds out I'm doing it.

Biko! Biko is my cat. He is 18 years old and has been know to be a bit cranky. I know when he likes a movie because he'll cut short a nap he's taking on my pillow and sit by me on the couch and resume his nap while I watch the movie. He tends to favor classic and black and white movies.

Everyone else.
Every once in awhile some friends will join me for a movie, depending on what it is and what we are serving, and I will add their comments as well.